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Martin 2 years ago
I would like to fuck her and shoot my beans in her pussy like that and give her my babies please
1 year ago
My sister taught me how to eat pussy. When i made her cum, she would give me a blowjob and let me cum in her mouth.
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She got a wicked look in her eye and said I do love this I like men with big cocks who take what they want and with that she got on top riding my dick yelling harder harder punk fuck my pussy I gotta be honest I was super turned on by her I fucked her hard for 20 minutes then came all over her belly she said you done raping me or do I need to do more? I said we're good I'll keep the vid you keep my jizz we both will have the each other by the nuts
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I wanna get my pussy ate like that
Nate 2 years ago
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Bullshit 6 years ago
He was not in the fucking closet gosh darn hallway and he wasn't spying so stupid
Nate 2 years ago
That night I was sleeping when I woke to a clicking sound Lexi had dad's gun pointed right at my face I said bitch I made a copy of your crime go ahead and kill me this was a total bluff but she had murder in her eyes she said Nate I'm not gunna kill you I'm gunna shoot your balls off! I pulled back my blanket and said do it again I was bluffing but I knew if I showed any fear I was toast!
Nate 2 years ago
I pushed it in expecting blood but the little slut had already fucked someone so I'm not the first she hissed fuck you rapist I said whatever crook then I thrusted hard over and over her body betrayed her because her cunt got wet as fuck I went deeper and deeper till I was balls deep she started moaning and said at least my rapist brother has a huge cock I kept thrusting and she started moaning louder I said you love this and she smiled I do!
Closet? 6 years ago
j.j x 6 years ago
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