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A white hubby 3 years ago
They would fuck half the night so I just slept in the other bedroom. I learned when they cum for real it's alot of tightening up, focusing, rubbing fast with different pressure on the clit, it's really alot like a man just takes longer. No convulsions no cum. Maybe just pussy contractions with out convulsions but neither one means they faked it. Sorry guys. They cum much better without us in the way. Put your dick in and let her rub her clit and fuck her like she says and stay out of the way.
Jacques Moolman 7 years ago
This is incredible. I came in like twenty seconds, after skipping forward a bit.
Ricjame 6 years ago
That was fucking hot
Edwina 3 years ago
@TheFreak is perfectly right. The black haired girl is super hot. Actually they both are. We all look weird in the throes of ecstasy.
Mmm 8 years ago
Girl with black hair is weird. Redhead is hotter
nathan 6 years ago
both are hot.
TruFreak 6 years ago
The brunette wasn't weird...she was turned on. You get her turned on its gonna be freaky! The redhead hot too
3 months ago
Hot masturbating
HornyHubby 4 months ago
The brunette on the left is just strange --- there's turned on and then there's just "WTF are you doing?"
Jjdf 5 years ago
Beautiful whores