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1 year ago
When I drove Uber a couple of years ago, i had a Latina sit in the front seat. It was my last ride for the night and she had on a short dress and was tipsy. One thing led to another and as i had my hand on her leg that went up to her pussy---totally shaved and so smooth. I whipped out my cock and she loved that I'm shaved and smooth as well.
Polla Cabezona 1 year ago
My mushroomhead challenges any other dick with big head...¿What do you say?
1 year ago
Oh cum on, someone please send him a razor to clean up that mess!!!
Veto 9 months ago
The ugliest dick ever….
10 months ago
Superb would love to suck that loose foreskin
naruto 11 months ago
Rowdyone 8 months ago
That's cock looks a bit strange to me. Might want to let that little guy rest a little and see if it will accurately stand up on its own.
Big 5 months ago
Boring at best
7 months ago
Why not the show the women's face
Big daddy cock 3 months ago
When I was a uber driver I pulled my cock out and put her hand on it and she just started sucking and rideing my shit so good she made me cum