Travellers' University

Travellers' University is a learning community to support individuals who are interested to travel and learn to deepen their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world

The Slow School

Education is increasingly becoming more skills focused and vocational and the emphasis on the “important questions” tend to be restricted to a few “lliberal arts and humanities” courses. Slow School seeks to address this gap by designing and curating deeply transformational experiences that promote reflection, self-discovery, authenticity, and creativity and brings these to a range of people in India.

Anji Play

Anji Play is the internationally recognized philosophy and approach to early learning developed and refined over the past 18 years by educator Cheng Xueqin.

Indian Multiversities Alliance

The Indian Multiversities Alliance is a network of people reimagining the university and creating new models of higher education across the Indian sub-continent which explores self, community living, social justice, sustainable lifestyles, nature re-connect, alternative healing, regenerative livelihoods and social entrepreneurship, etc.

Natural Learning Resources By Jinan

Resources shared by Jinan, who for over 20 years have been doing research on creativity, learning process, children, cognition, culture, aesthetic sense, indigenous knowledge and authenticity.


Shikshantar is founded to challenge the culture of schooling and institutions of thought-control. We generate meaningful critiques to expose and dismantle/transform existing models of Education, Development and Progress and to reclaim control over their own learning processes and learning ecologies

Himalayan Institute Of Alternatives

HIAL aims to develop Ladakh into a benchmark for a sustainable economic living for the mountain world, where all children receive a meaningful education that prepares them for a life of dignity in harmony with nature.

Vikalp Sangam

Vikalp Sangam is a platform to share the best stories of viable alternatives to India's unequal and ecologically destructive development paradigm.

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